And so it began. . .

For years I was using bleach and other mainstream cleaners in my home and each time I would end up with a headache and sore throat. I would have my windows open even in winter to “let out the fumes” and I knew there had to be a better way. This couldn’t be healthy to breathe. If it was making me feel this way, then what was it doing to my children? That’s when I set out to find a homemade cleaner that I could KNOW what was in the ingredients but still clean my home.

I learned about bacteria. I learned that not all bacteria are bad. In fact we NEED good bacteria to fight off the bad. These mainstream cleaners I have been using for years, were wiping out good and bad bacteria, leaving a vulnerable surface for the bad bacteria to thrive and grow on.

I found plenty of recipes that left good bacteria intact, but nothing I really liked. So I began to experiment until I found what worked. The only problem I had then was it didn’t smell good. Around that time is when wax burning was taking off and I would sit at mom groups and hear them complain that their bleach and mainstream cleaners would overpower their wax smells and their home just stunk. My wheels got to turning and I decided adding essential oils to my cleaner gave me exactly what I was wanting. It was so much fun mixing and coming up with scents and then naming them.

Once I started using them in my home and people would visit and ask what wax I was burning. They were shocked when I said “none, I just cleaned my kitchen” I was immediately asked where they could buy their own and that’s where we started.
It’s been 4 years with a lot of ups and downs and I am proud to say I still have a devoted fan base that has stood by my product. There is no greater joy than hearing someone tell you how well your product works for them and how happy they are.
Over the years I have since added even more products and hope to keep expanding without ever sacrificing integrity of small business, bartering and “mom to mom” business. I don’t seek to become rich, I seek to help people make their homes safer and smell better! From my home to yours, everything is promised to be made with love.